Selfish Knitting Wishlist for Scottish Winters

I love knitting – it’s a perfect mix of relaxing movements, challenging my brain a bit, and lovely textures to just be a really enjoyable activity for me. I learned from YouTube videos about 3 years ago, and since then I have barely put my needles down. It’s so great every winter to be able to pull out my drawer of cosy handmade hats, scarves and mitts, and be able to wrap myself up warm in them. I love knitting for other people as well, the process of picking out patterns that people will like, yarn in colours/textures that they enjoy, and the giving them the time and energy it takes to make them – there’s no way I could sell my knitting because I’d have to charge way too much due to the time cost, but gifting it is great! I usually knit while watching tv or listening to audiobooks and podcasts, so I get to learn new things at the same time; at the minute I’m listening to Margaret Attwood’s Oryx and Crake on audiobook through Audible.

I shy away from knitting garments a bit, because they’re big, but also because if I change size (which I do a lot), they might not fit me anymore whereas my hats and scarves and mittens will be fine regardless. Despite that, I finished knitting my first cardigan recently, and there’s a few more things I’m wanting to make for the Scottish winters.

Kongvinterkjole by Strikkelisa

This is such a gorgeous wool dress – I’d typically never think about knitting myself a dress because that is SO MUCH KNITTING to do, but I love the Icelandic yoke and cuffs on this, and it just looks really cute to wear with leggings/tights and boots for winter. I’m very tempted.

Stag Head Pullover by Norah Gaughan

This is such a creative use of cables! I like it a lot more than standard Aran jumper cable patterns, and I have a jumper’s worth of yarn that would be perfect for this so I might make this a long-term project. I’ve done lots of cabling before, but nothing quite this adventurous.

Sweet as Candy by Drops Design

I really want a rainbow jumper, but the idea of having just giant rainbow block colour stripes is a bit overwhelming for my mostly grey wardrobe, so I think this would be a good compromise! Some nice bright rainbow pops, with overall grey to help it feel less gaudy. Again, I’ve done quite a lot of colourwork, but nothing on this scale!

Splitstone by Alicia Plummer

I’ve been wanting a cute vest to wear over some shirts for a while, but haven’t been able to find anything quite right in shops, so I might just have to knit one! This pattern has some neat cabling features, but isn’t all-over cables so it should be a bit quicker and easier. I have no idea what colours to make it in though!

I’ve got a few projects to finish over summer, and then I’m going to get stuck into some cosy sweater knitting for autumn and winter!

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